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Este e-mail é especialmente direcionado para você. Primeiro de tudo, eu vou começar por me apresentar, eu sou Chris Colin Weir, eu e minha esposa ganhou uma Loteria Jackpot de 161,653,000 milhões de libras no curso milhões de euros Lottery realizada em 12 de julho do ano passado. Atualmente estamos em cambojano Unido para ver uma das nossas casas de caridade.

No entanto, nós voluntariamente decidiu doar a soma de dólares $ 1,5 milhão para você como parte do nosso projeto de caridade para melhorar a sorte de 5 indivíduos desconhecidos Sorte em todo o mundo, além de 10 amigos próximos e familiares. Se você recebeu este e-mail, então você é um dos destinatários sorte e tudo que você tem a fazer é voltar para nós o seu nome, endereço, número de contato, idade e sexo, PAÍS. por e-mail: (weirc106@gmail.com) para as verificações para que possamos lhe dar mais detalhes sobre a forma de receber os fundos.

Você pode verificar isso por visitar as páginas da web abaixo.


Volte para nós, então nós damos-lhe novas directivas para a equipe responsável pela entrega de um projecto para você.

Aguardamos sua resposta mais cedo e que Deus abençoe você.

Melhor da sorte.

Colin Weir Chris


This email is specially directed to you. First of all, I will start by introducing myself, I am Colin Chris Weir, I and my wife won a Jackpot Lottery of 161,653,000 Million Pounds in the ongoing Euro million Lottery held 12 July last year. Presently we are in Cambodian Kingdom to see one of our charity homes.

However, we voluntarily decided to donate the sum of $ 1.5 million Dollars to you as part of our charity project to improve the lot of 5 unknown Lucky individuals all over the world plus 10 close friends and family. If you have received this email then you are one of the lucky recipients and all you have to do is get back to us your NAME, ADDRESS, CONTACT NUMBER, AGE AND SEX, COUNTRY. by email: (weirc106@gmail.com) for verifications so we can give you details on how to receive the funds.

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Get back to us so we give you further directives to the Team in charge of delivery of draft to you.

We await your earliest response and God Bless you.

Best of luck.

Colin Chris Weir

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Dear one,

Life sometimes is miserable and in some cases we do not get what we want out of life. You must be grateful to our good Lord who has blessed you with good life. As for me, I am not as lucky as you. My doctor has just given me a bad news. I won't be alive in the next two months as a result of colon cancer.

My late husband left money but of what use are they to a dying woman like me. I have no child to inherit this inheritance and my wicked in-laws are not helping matters. I pray you don't go through what I have gone through. Dear one, if you can be trusted with my inheritance I am ready to allow you gain access to them but you will have to build a foundation in memory of me and my beloved late husband whom I am happy to meet very, very soon in heaven.

I am one of those good hearted ones who has passion for the orphans and the less privileged and for God to take me now means He has done what He think is the best. Can we question God? Let his will be done. Use my inheritance in a manner that will put smile on the faces of the orphans and the less privileged and as you do this my soul will rest in peace. But if you know you aren't going to be trusted with my inheritance please do not bother to contact me because conscience is an open wound and it is only truth that can heal it.

Yours worried,
Elisabeth Thorsen.
Email: elizberthe@yahoo.com.hk

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Olá Querida,

Olá Querida,
Como você está,
Meu nome é Elizabeth Sou uma mulher deparei com o seu perfil e gostaria de adicioná-lo como meu amigo para estabelecer uma relação duradoura com você, eu gosto de você para me enviar de volta através do meu e-mail eu estarei esperando para receber sua linda resposta em breve

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Inquiry,Please Reply

Dear Friend,

Complement of the day to you and your love ones

I am sorry to encroach into your privacy in this manner and I hope my email will arrive to you at good time,My Name is Dr. Ali Haidar, born in Hama Syria in 1962. I studied ophthalmology at the Damascus University, and specialized in surgery and eye diseases. Whilestudying ophthalmology I was in class with President Bashar al-Assad and graduated the same year.I was former personal investor & financial consultant advisers to a Top Politician here in SYRIA and oil Tycoon from Syria and Saudi Arabia. Al Furat Petroleum Company (AFPC) the leader in the region in Reservoir Management AFPC was established under Service Contract no. 210 ratified by Law no. 43 of 1977 and named as per decree-law no. 12 in 1985. AFPC is a joint venture company between the General Petroleum Corporation (50%) and private shareholders Syria Shell Petroleum Development B.V.etc………

I only pray at this time that your email address is still valid.I am one of the opposing candidate elected into Parliament in May 2012 was given a ministerial post, The other person Jamil Qadri, Ali Haidar's major goal is to search for a pluralistic political solution through reconciliation meetings involving all parties mutually recognizing each other's right to participate in society and governance while excluding extremists Syrian civil war

On 12 February 2013, I started in a press brief that the Syrian government can hold peace talk with head of Syrian opposition captained by Moaz al Khatib. Right now i have big problem with the president Bashar al-Assad because i told him to stop the war and embrace peace and he is threatening to remove me out of office and kill me as he kiiled others that did not support him to continue with the power.

Why I'm contacting you is to know if we can have a personal conversation. Whatever truth you may brief me will be highly recommended.
Tell me more about your country, how good it will be to invest in your country. Such as buying of properties, or real estate and some tourist places or any profitable investment venture that will yield good profit.

I will appreciate whatever result you may brief me. Do let me know your idea and knowledge regarding this or any other profitable investment venture you may suggest.
I have the total of US$46,500,000.00 and I am willing to order the transfer of the fund to you for investment if you're interested with my proposal.

In my next mail I will explain the full details of the project and interest, and then we reach an agreement on what will be your share from the fund or investment.

I shall tell you more about myself when I read from you. You may as well tell me little more about yourself when replying.

Waiting for your reply.

Thanks and best regards,
Dr. Ali Haidar

Kedves Barбtom,

Kiegйszнtoje a napot, йs a szeretet is

Sajnбlom, hogy sйrьljenek a jogaidat ezen a mуdon, йs remйlem, az йn e-mail йrkezik meg a megfelelo idoben, a nevem Dr. Ali Haidar, szьletett Hama Szнria 1962-ben tanultam Szemйszet a damaszkuszi egyetemen, йs a szakosodott mutйt йs szembetegsйgek. Whilestudying szemйszet voltam az osztбlyban elnцk Bashar al-Assad йs a progresszivitбs azonos year.I volt egykori szemйlyes befekteto йs pйnzьgyi tanбcsadу tanбcsadуk, hogy a Top Politikus itt a szнriai йs olajmбgnбs Szнria йs Szaъd-Arбbia. Al Furat Petroleum Company (AFPC) vezeto szerepet tцlt be a rйgiу Reservoir Management AFPC alapjбn jцtt lйtre a szolgбltatбsi szerzodйs nem. 210 ratifikбlta tцrvйny nйlkьl. 43. 1977-ben йs elemzi, mint egy tцrvйnyereju rendelet. 12 1985-ben AFPC egy kцzцs vбllalat kцzцtti General Petroleum Corporation (50%) йs magбn rйszvйnyesek Szнria Shell Petroleum Development BVetc .........

Csak azйrt imбdkozom, ebben az idoben, hogy az e-mail cнm mйg mindig valid.I vagyok az egyik szembenбllу jelцltet vбlasztottбk be Parlament mбjus 2012 kapott egy miniszteri poszt, a mбsik szemйly Jamil Qadri, Ali Haidar fo cйl az, hogy keressen egy pluralista politikai megoldбs rйvйn a megbйkйlйs talбlkozуk valamennyi fйl rйszvйtelйvel kцlcsцnцsen elismerik egymбst azon jogбt, hogy rйszt vegyenek a tбrsadalomban йs a kormбnyzбs, mikцzben kizбrja a szйlsosйgesek szнriai polgбrhбborъ

Februбr 12-йn 2013-ben kezdtem a sajtу rцviden, hogy a szнriai kormбny tartani tudja a bйkйt beszйlgetйs vezetoje szнriai ellenzйki kapitбnya Moaz al Khatib. Most nekem van nagy problйma az elnцk Bashar al-Assad, mert mondtam neki, hogy hagyja abba a hбborъ йs цlelйs bйke йs azzal fenyeget, hogy tбvolнtsa el nekem, ki a hivatal, йs цlni, ahogy kiiled mбsok, hogy nem tбmogatta ot, hogy folytassa a hatalmat.

Ezйrt vagyok kapcsolatot akkor is tudni, hogy mi lehet egy szemйlyes beszйlgetйs. Bбrmi igazsбg lehet, tбjйkoztassa velem lesz erosen ajбnlott.
Szeretnйk tцbbet megtudni az orszбgot, milyen jу lesz, hogy fektessenek be az orszбgot. Mint pйldбul az ingatlanok tulajdonjogбnak, illetve az ingatlan- йs nйhбny turisztikai helyeken vagy bбrmilyen jцvedelmezo befektetйsi vбllalkozбs, amely hozzб fog jбrulni a jу eredmйny.

Йn йrtйkelem, amit eredmйnyezhet lehet rцviden velem. Ne hadd tudjam a gondolat йs tudбs tekintetйben ezen vagy mбs jцvedelmezo befektetйsi vбllalkozбs akkor javaslom.
Van цsszesen US $ 46,500,000.00, йs hajlandу vagyok, hogy kцtelezze a бtadбsбt az alap az Цn szбmбra beruhбzбsi ha йrdekel a javaslatunkat.

Az йn kцvetkezo mail fogom elmagyarбzni a rйszleteket a projekt йs a kamat, йs aztбn, hogy megбllapodбs szьlessen, mi lesz a rйszesedйse az alap vagy befektetйsi.

Azt kell mondani, tцbbet magam, amikor olvastam toled. Lehet, valamint mondd kicsit magadrуl, amikor vбlaszol.

Vбrjuk a vбlaszt.

Kцszцnet йs ьdvцzlettel,
Dr. Ali Haidar
Hama, Szнria.